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College Vaih liata Dodo Tyre Works mei ta a ka

  Siaha, Nawh 24, Pobienoh(Maraland.NET) — Azahnia tari noh 23 za dawh 11pm pa rachhohta Dodo  Tyre Works, College Vaih, AOC kiahpa liata a ypa cha mei ta a ka. Dodo Tyre Works a hneituhpa he Puhpa V. Tluasa, Siaha vaihpi liata a ypa cha ta, O ahnei tuhpa he Puhpa N. Raha, College vaih […]

Iran to set up camp for displaced Rohingyas in Myanmar

An Iranian MP says the Islamic Republic plans to set up a camp in Myanmar to help the efforts to provide relief to the country’s Rohingya Muslims.On Saturday, Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Deputy Chairman Mansour Haqiqatpour said agreements have been reached with senior Myanmar officials to set up a camp in […]

Myanmar Can’t Transform While at War With Itself

Is Myanmar’s reformist government backsliding on promises to find a peaceful resolution to six decades of conflict with the country’s alienated minorities? Recently, the military took the unusual step of deploying fighter jets and helicopter gunships to battle the Kachin Independence Organization in the north. In truth, both the KIO and central authorities share responsibility […]

1st Global Mara Seminar & Concert Malaysia liata Rohna Kawpa ta hmah

Kuala Lumpur, MY (MCC Malaysia) – Mara history liata ngiatlahpa Global    Mara Seminar & Mara Concert ei 1-na cha a rohna kawpa ta Malaysia khihpi Kuala Lumpur liata Dec. 3-5, 2012 khata hlaotloh kawpa nata a rohna kawp ata a hma hawpa a cha. He ahmana liata report chyupa nata nothlahzy cha he programme peimawh […]